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[Madlabnewsletter] You Tell Me That You've Got Everything You Want

Posted by madlabnews on 2010.01.28 at 21:30
105 N Grant Ave
Columbus OH 43215

1. MadLab's New Place: Pictures!

Here it is, a look at our progress on the new place: http://www.madlab.net/MadLab/building.html Thanks for all of your help.

We're working towards our goal of opening in March. But still need your help. See Item #2.

People are still talking about it:

Downtown Columbus: http://www.downtowncolumbus.com/rightnow/

Metromix: http://columbus.metromix.com/events/article/the-new-madlab/1688498/content

Dispatch: http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/arts/stories/2009/12/17/2_MADLAB_MOVE.ART_ART_12-17-09_D3_AAG13M9.html?sid=101

The Other Paper: http://www.theotherpaper.com/articles/2009/12/16/arts/doc4b29664cedf1e844156819.txt

Columbus Alive: http://www.columbusalive.com/live/content/features/stories/2009/12/17/ca_ar_curtain_madlab.html?sid=108

MadLab Theatre and Gallery has purchased a property located at 227 North Third Street, in downtown Columbus making it one of the few theatre companies in Columbus, Ohio to own its venue.

The new property increases the company’s available square footage from 2450 to 3750, which allows Gallery, Theatre house, Scene Shop and storage to moved under the same roof.

Goodbye: MadLab will say goodbye to its current leased property at 105 N. Grant Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215 in February 13, 2010 with 12 Hour Theatre Production. 12 Hour Theatre will be a production where MadLab writers, directors and actors produce six 15 minute plays from start to finish in the course of only 12 hours (similar to our 24 and 48 hour style productions).

Hello: MadLab will take possession of the property immediately. Renovations begin January 1, 2010 and are scheduled to be completed March 1, 2010. MadLab plans to open the doors to the new venue mid-March, 2010.

Raise the Roof -Help MadLab “Raise the Roof” of the new space by providing donations of money, materials or your time. The total budget for renovations of the new facility is projected to be $70,000. Currently MadLab has raised $50,000. The Raise the Roof campaign provides opportunities to contribute towards the creation of this new downtown venue. Donations can be made by visiting MadLab’s website, www.madlab.net.

Andy Batt, Managing Director of MadLab, on the significance of this move: The mere fact that MadLab will be owning its own space is a titanic step in our development. No longer will MadLab be beholden to anyone else. The doors have opened for us to do what we want, when we want with our own space. But, beyond the obvious advantages of owning our own space, there are so many things about this new space that will become so advantageous. For too long, MadLab has only had one restroom for the public to use during intermissions and before and after productions. Now, not only will there be multiple fixtures in the rest room, but there will be public male and female restrooms that will not only make patrons feel more comfortable, but also help ease the flow of traffic during these time periods. Almost as important to the people within the organization itself, is the practicality of having its scene shop in the same building as the theatre. This makes all our lives so much easier by not having to haul set pieces and such from one location to another. Just moving it from one room to another will make load ins and set building so much more convenient. All these things, combined with the renewed excitement within our organization, are just more reasons why MadLab is here to stay for decades to come.

Check out more info about the new space at: www.madlab.net

2. Now Hear This

Raise the Roof!

MadLab’s Board of Directors and Ensemble have raised over $25,000 to
convert the building to the premiere alternative arts venue in Columbus.
But we need your support!

Thursday night a group of Board and Ensemble members are meeting and
will begin calling our list of friends asking for support of this new
venture. Since you might have plans - and we’re sure you don’t want
to miss the chance to be a part of this adventure - we thought we had
better give the opportunity to make a donation online. You can help us
out, and we won’t interrupt your favorite TV show!

Visit http://www.madlab.net/MadLab/building.html and click on the
donate button on the right hand side of the page. From there you can
enter any amount - and any amount helps!

The MadLab crew is hard at work renovating our new downtown venue.
Check out pictures of the building and crew here
http://www.madlab.net/MadLab/building.html Just scroll to the bottom
of the page.

Thanks for being part of the experiment!
Jenn Barlup
Chair, Board of Directors

3. Cow Tipping and Other Love Stories Final Weekend!

2 previews: http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/weekender/stories/2010/01/28/9A_THEATER28_JAN.ART_ART_01-28-10_T12_ESGDHNR.html?sid=101


And a review: http://theatrevault.com/2010/01/review-roundup-ogs-debut-udder-silliness-with-a-side-of-moo-ving/

The directing team behind Stripped Away and many other MadLab mega-hits, Amanda Bauer and Stephen Woosley, go off the reservation to bring you 5 one act shows. Three comedies. Two dramas. Chaos is guaranteed.

Comedian Travis Hoewischer hosts the first week’s shows. Comedian Mark Lucas emcees the second.
Featured shows:

Cap’n Fashion by Josh Kessler

As Cap’n Pete swashbuckles his way through the world of retail, his, uh, salesmanship is questioned. Yar!

Directed By Amanda Bauer featuring Josh Kessler, Stephen Woosley, Brennan Hunter, Randi Morgan, Erin Prosser, Justin Toomey and Peter Graybeal

An Afternoon While in the Easy Chair by Scott Tobin

From the comfort of an easy chair, a man’s mind can wander to a lot of places. The past, present, and future.

Directed by Jason Sudy featuring Stephen Woosley and Jennifer Ntiri

To Russia With Love by Stephen Woosley

The WNBA’s All-Star team is detained after an international incident at a Berlin airport involving a cheeseburger and a security guard’s pants. Will it bring the team together or tear it apart?

Directed by Stephen Woosley featuring Randi Morgan, Vicki Andronis, Erin Prosser, Becky Martin, Bridgitte Teresa Kreuz, Jennifer Ntiri and Chris Lane

Maybe Tomorrow By Andy Batt

Is today the day? And if so, for who?

Directed by Amanda Bauer featuring Vicki Andronis and Josh Kessler

Cow Tipping by Amanda Bauer and Stephen Woosley

Stewart and Mindy had a tumultuous relationship. Stewart wants to
rekindle their love. Will Mindy let love guide the way or will she see the warning signs?

Directed by Amanda Bauer and Stephen Woosley featuring Bridgitte Teresa Kreuz, Justin Toomey, Becky Martin, and Peter Graybeal
January 21st-30th, 2009
all shows at 8pm
Fridays & Saturdays except for opening night Thursday January 21st
$10 regular admission
Buy Tickets Here: http://www.madlab.net/MadLab/Buy_Tickets.html

4.12 Hour Theatre of Love - Februrary 13 Last Show at 105 N. Grant

This is the last show that will be performed at MadLab’s current space at 105 N. Grant Ave. They move into their new space at 227 N. 3rd St. in March. They are currently renovating that space and hope to raise money to assist in the renovations of their new facility with this show. Puts me in the mood for love.

MadLab has produced multiple 24s and two 48s, what's next? A 12 Hour Theatre production. Why? Why not! Constantly wanting to challenge themselves, MadLab will produce 6 one-act plays from start to finish in a mere 12 hours. With only 2 hours to produce a 10-15 minute script, six writers will scramble to get their work done in time for the directors and actors to finish the job by 8pm on 2/13. Can it be done? Of course! What choice do we have?

Scheduled to Appear:

Michelle Batt, Randi Morgan, Linda O’Donnell, Jeff McIntyre,

Andy Batt, Amanda Bauer, Chris Lane, Eric Myers (MadLab founder), David Thonnings and Scott Tobin

Vicki Andronis, Jim Azelvandre, Melissa Bair, Sarah Brunet, Jason Dahmer, Jennifer Feather, Becky Horseman, Travis Horseman, Josh Kessler, Bridgette Teresa Kreuz, Tay Lane, Greg McGill, Brendan Michna, Lorinda Ostapuck, Erin Prosser, Jason Sudy, Traci Weaver, and Stephen Woosley

Andy Batt & Peter Graybeal

Ticket prices are $15, $10 for members for each performance,
For reservations call 614.221.5418 or send to publicity@madlab.net

5. 3in30: Twilight Feb 5 and 12

This time 3in30 at an earlier time. 8, 7 Central.

Back with its 9th edition and the last one at Madlab’s current space, it is 3 in 30. Every 2 months (or so or less), MadLab will present 3 original 10-minute plays based on a common theme. In other words, 3 plays in 30 minutes (or so). This month’s theme is Twilight, a nod to the book and motion picture and the twilight of MadLab’s time at 105 N. Grant Avenue. In every cycle a new theme is presented, pitches pitched and selected, plays written, directors and casts selected, and the plays rehearsed and performed. And then the cycle begins again.

At the End of Sundowning by Tay Lane, Directed by Michelle Batt—A couple tries to confront the impact of Sundown Syndrome on their relationship. Tay Lane as Laura, Chris Lane as Oz, Randi Morgan as Mary

Breaking Homeroom by Scott Tobin, Directed by Mary Sink —Ms. Cullen’s students may have mastered the three R’s, but their most important quiz awaits. Shana Kramer as Amanda, Jeff McIntyre as Skirt, Peter Graybeal as Ms. Cullen

Along the Trail by Jim Graham, Directed by Andy Batt —A stranger helps a hiker move on to a new path. Melissa Bair as Hiker(Gabe) and Michael Moore as Stranger (Grant).

6. Auditions: High School Drama

Not a high school play. Well, not exactly.

On The Verge Productions announces auditions for world-premiere production of High School Drama:
On The Verge Productions is seeking 1W (18-22) to play a hopeful and naive aspiring high school thespian, 1M (18-22) to play an arrogant and difficult aspiring high school thespian, and 1W (25-45) to play a woman struggling with the involvement of her husband in her high school theater program.
Auditions will be readings from the script. Monologues (contemporary, dramatic preferred) & head shots are not required, but encouraged. High School Drama is an original work – further information regarding the plot and characters will be provided at the audition.
1 – 3 pm Saturday, February 6th. Auditions take place at MadLab Theatre and Gallery, 105 North Grant Ave. Columbus.
Performance dates: March 25, 26, 27, April 2,3,9,10 at the Columbus Performing Arts Center
No appointment is necessary, but for more information contact onthevergeproductions@gmail.com or call 614.563.6313

7. The New MadLab website

It's been totally redesigned. It looks great. Has more content. Has more pictures. More of everything MadLab you want. And crave!!

Awesome new site, same old address: www.madlab.net

Get lost in it. I did. it's like Canada. it's always there: http://www.madlab.net/MadLab/tr2006.html#1

8. But You Don't Get Me, You Don't Get Me
* Where's the Super Bowl party?

* Explain the throwback Pepsi and Mountain Dew thing to me.

* I like singing on Rock band better than on Singstar. There. I said it.

* Song I Like This Week: And Your Bird Can Sing by The Beatles

Look in My Direction, I'll be Round, I'll Be Round,


Want more?

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